How do you get to TioTom's Guest House

1. From Panama/City

From Panama/City there are morning and evening each direct buses to Changuinola. You have to get off at Almirante (before the bus driver let them know), takes about 10 hours, costs about $ 30 per person. In Almirante you take a taxi ($ 1 pp) to the water taxi to Bocas del Toro ($ 4 pp). Once there you will always find local boaters who you pp for $ 3 will go directly to our dock
With a rental car you also have to go after Almirante and next to the water taxi companies are guarded parking. Next trip, see above.
Twice a day flying Air Panama ( to Bocas del Toro. At the airport you take a taxi to the boats to Bastimentos next Bocas Marine Tours. The local boating then take you directly to our dock ($ 3pp)

2. From David

From David go every 30 minutes buses to Changuinola. But you already climbing in Almirante from (about $ 9 per person). From the bus stop for a taxi ride to the water taxi stop position $ 1 pp Next trip, see above.


3. From Costa Rica

If you want to travel from the Pacific coast, dan you have to first go to the border to David. All buses go about an hour. From there, you continue as described in point 2.
From San Jose there is a daily bus to Changuinola (Panama) cost about $ 15 pp From Changuinola you can take the bus ($ 1.55) or a taxi (approx $ 10 per person) to Almirante. Next trip, as described above.
Nature Air flies 3 times a week ( from San Jose to Bocas.
From the Caribbean coast take a bus to the border and from there taking a taxi is directly to Almirante ($ 10-15p.P.). from there go further, as described above.